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Bring the ClimateHub to your city

We are setting up ClimateHubs all over Germany and Europe. These are action-oriented climate action networks that enable you and many others to take action together to make your city climate neutral!

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Working together in your city

ClimateHub brings together all the climate activists in your city. Whether it's projects that are just getting started, long-established organisations or events that you just want to check out. There's something for everyone.


Get involved and enlarge your handprint


Show others what you are working on and find new people to join you


Find local events with impact and more...

Im ClimateHub kommen alle Klimaaktiven in Erlangen zusammen. Ob Projekte die erst noch starten, alt eingesessene Organisationen oder Events zum einfach mal anschauen. Für jeden ist etwas dabei. Probiere es aus und sei dabei!

Klimakonferenz Erlangen 2022 GruppenbildPhoto of Potsdamgroße Gruppe sitz um einen Tisch

How does a ClimateHub work?

A ClimateHub is a non-profit network for all people who are committed to climate protection and who want to get involved. Every city with a ClimateHub has its own online platform as a digital exchange opportunity and a local networker on site. Together, we bring all the city's stakeholders together to fight the climate crisis. With many events and campaigns, we inspire even more people to get involved in climate protection.

The ClimateHub Erlangen has already proven its worth

ClimateHubs are not just theory. Since summer 2021, we have been implementing the ClimateHub concept in Erlangen and it has already proven its impact through concrete action-oriented projects. All local actors are now sensitized and use the platform. The concept has proven its worth and has also been implemented in Marburg and Potsdam since 2023.

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Diverse community

In the existing ClimateHubs, this is used by all climate activists. Projects from a wide range of areas such as nutrition, energy, education, consumption and mobility are included!

Implementation of ideas

More than 20 new climate projects, such as the initiative "Climate-friendly canteen kitchens" or "Stecker-Solaer" have been implemented. From old hands to those interested in becoming active for the first time, colorful groups have come together here.

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Together for the climate

Our annual Climate Participation Days are an integral part of the ClimateHub cities. A total of 5 events with ~100 participants each have already taken place. The events have made 15 new climate projects possible.

"You can't change anything on your own"

"That's why we're tackling it together!"

A Germany-wide ClimateHub network

It was clear from the outset that we would not stop at just one ClimateHub, because it is only through a network of many cities that the ClimateHubs can really develop their impact. Our initial goal is therefore to establish ClimateHubs in 20 cities by 2025.

Deutschlandkarten mit Pin welche die ClimateHub Städte repräsentieren

The network ensures fast action

The more ClimateHubs there are, the more impact each individual hub has! If there is a particularly effective project in one city, it can very quickly be initiated in other cities via the local ClimateHubs.

14 major cities have expressed interest

In many cities, a ClimateHub could make a major contribution to meeting climate targets. Since many cities also see it this way, 14 large German cities with 80,000-250,000 inhabitants have already officially expressed interest in a ClimateHub in their city.

Crowdfunding successfully completed!

In summer 2022, we successfully completed our crowdfunding campaign to set up the next ClimateHubs and raised over €30,000. Thanks to the fantastic support of many climate activists across Germany, the first ClimateHubs were opened in Potsdam and Marburg.

So now it comes down to each and every individual!Help us with the funding and bring a ClimateHub to your city. Subscribe to the email list to not miss the start of the crowdfunding.

Jetzt Eintragen!


Now you are probably wondering what we need so much money for and where we will spend it. In short: For the expansion of our team and for the equipment of the ClimateHubs.

Team wird erweitert

Wir können mit dem Geld insgesamt 12 lokale Vernetzer*innen für je ein Jahr in Teilzeit anstellen. Außerdem werden wir unser Kernteam erweitern. Einen neuen Programmierer um die ClimateHubs auf die Bedürfnisse vor Ort anzupassen. Eine Person, die alle lokalen Vernetzter*innen koordiniert und diese untereinander vernetzt. So wie 1 1/2 weitere Stellen fürs Marketing und Fundraising, um den Fortbestand der ClimateHubs über den finanzierungszeitraum hinaus zu sichern.

ClimateHub Budget

Neben Personal wir auch jeder ClimateHub ein Budget haben um Webematerialien zu drucken oder Veranstaltungen durchzuführen.

pie chart illustrating costs of the project

Local networking - 29 %

Salary costs for 12 part-time local networkers and a budget for each ClimateHub for printing promotional materials and organizing events.

National networking - 20%

The core team coordinates all local networkers and links them together.

Platform development - 24%

Web development team to customize and enhance ClimateHubs to meet local needs.

Marketing - 16 %

To get the word out about us and spread ClimateHubs in a sustainable way for all

Administration - 11%

Total cost: ~35.000€

Our schedule

September 2021

Funding requested

To give the whole project a big push, we applied for funding from the National Climate Protection Initiative (NKI). A total of 930.00€ spread over almost 3 years.
June 2022

Crowdfunding successful!

It's amazing! Thanks to the great support, we have raised over €30,000. We will use the money either for our own share of the funding or for the launch of the first ClimateHubs.
April 2023

First climate hubs go live

Our funding application was rejected in December. Nevertheless, we are getting started and launched the ClimateHub Potsdam on 21 April.
November 2023

3. ClimateHub launched in Marburg

On 3 November, the time had finally come and we were able to open the ClimateHub Marburg.
End of 2025

20 ClimateHubs opened

Our goal for 2025: At least 20 ClimateHubs throughout Germany and the world.

Who is behind

In total, over 100 people have been actively involved in Climate Connect. Whether web development, event organization, networking or marketing in all areas, our full-time team is supported by volunteers without whom Climate Connect would not exist! Besides us founders, we could in the meantime also hire our 2 climate networkers from Erlangen and Potsdam.

More about our team
Thomas Bove
1. Vorsitzende
Christoph Stoll
2. Vorsitzender
Dip Dhanesha
Tobias Rehm
Climate Connect TeamClimate Connect Team celebrating

Show your support - for the climate!

Would you like to bring a ClimateHub to your city? Let us know. Register at and or send us an e-mail

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